Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Home Office aids teenage drinkers.

The Evening Standard reports that London's teenagers are being encouraged to apply for ID cards.
People aged 18 to 24 will be able to spend £30 on a biometric photocard that can be used to prove their age when buying alcohol or age-restricted goods, to gain entry to a nightclub, or even to travel in Europe...

Home Office minister Meg Hillier said that the National Identity Card would be an “extremely useful tool, and ....with tough new laws clamping down on underage drinking, it will be more important than ever for young people to have access to a universally accepted proof of age.”

Ms Hillier does not mention that this also means having their personal details held on insecure government databases for the rest of their lives, that the cards could be worthless as the Tories and Lib Dems have promised to scrap them and that there are proof of age cards available for £10.

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