Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Conservative campaigns

The Conservatives have started electioneering and have two campaigns of interest to us. One is to reclaim your DNA and the other is to stop ID cards. To give them their due they have been criticising the surveillance state and national databases for some time, even if this is a general election ploy. We hope that they also intend that innocent people who have their DNA removed from the DNAD will have their personal information removed from the police national computer. Regarding ID cards they say:

Brown says he's scrapping compulsory ID cards: he either doesn't not know what he’s talking about, or he's deliberately pulling the wool over people’s eyes. Anyone who makes an application for a ‘designated document’ such as a passport has to enter personal information - including fingerprints and other biometric details - on the National Identity Register. This is compulsion by stealth. We don't want or need all our private information on a vast state database, with potential for another data loss disaster.

Now what is Conservative policy on fingerprints in new biometric passports? Also, we just hope that these promises are better than other cast-iron guarantees given by Mr Cameron!

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