Wednesday, 20 January 2010

0.26% of Mancunians entrust their personal data to government for life.

From the ID card scheme's launch in Manchester on 30 November 2009 to 14 January 2010, 1,300 people who live in Greater Manchester have applied and attended an enrolment appointment for an ID card. See here. This equates to 0.26 per cent of the city's population.

The Home Office tells us that:
People want ID cards. Polling has showed a consistent 60 per cent of people support the National Identity Service. This has translated into more than 600 calls per day from people requesting application packs".

A spokesman for NO2ID told Public Servant Daily:
That the Home Office is fiddling the figures on the levels of public support for ID cards should come as no surprise - it's been doing so for years.

Meanwhile a Scottish doctor has illegally accessed the summary care records of celebrities and politicians, including Gordon Brown and Alex Salmond merely out of curiosity and will not be charged with any offences. See here. If Gordon has an ID card we do hope his 50 items of personal information, including fingerprints, are securely stored.

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