Sunday, 22 November 2009

Nation at war?

This blog has already posted on the ID card scheme of World War 2, 1939-1945 and the undesirable outcomes that stemmed from it, see HERE.
One of the features of any war is the natural desire of the government to protect valuable items. So, during WW2 many of the London museums dispersed their treasures around the country to places unlikely to be enemy targets. The National Gallery even put some works of art in a disused Welsh slate quarry, considered at the time to be an ideal safeguard. While the picture above shows a barrage balloon, a WW2 defensive measure against low flying enemy aircraft.

So what to do about Cyber warfare? Well it would seem our government is determined to gather all our data into one place with the ID card scheme and the linking of the databases that support it. Here it will be an easy target for any enemy. A great deal of the detail in this link HERE deals with the US response to a future Cyber war in respect of terrorism. But please read it through. You will see that any data source is open to attack and according to the competence and aggression of the attacker the outcomes will vary. The idea that the UK is safe from attack if ridiculous, quite the contrary.

Because of government policy we are a tempting target. An attack could mean anything from cash machine failure to total civic disintegration leading to violence and death. So who is going to protect us from this and how? Well it won't be the Home Secretary Alan Johnson who, on behalf of the government, is hell-bent on making it easier for any enemy to locate the single source of data and attack. By contrast the barrage balloon was a great success!

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