Tuesday, 3 November 2009

More thought crime

Behavioural vetting is being considered by the ISA to determine those fit to work with children or vulnerable adults. The ISA has confirmed its intention to use behavioural vetting and has decided to put in place a scoring system.

Items will be assessed on the basis of "whether relevant conduct or a risk of harm 'on the face of it' seems to have occurred". Also...

"the case worker will examine... 'predisposing factors', such as 'those factors relating to an individual’s interests or drives'; 'cognitive factors', such as 'strong anti-social beliefs'; and 'behavioural factors', including 'using substances or sex to cope with stress or impulsive, chaotic or unstable lifestyle. Drug use, sex life, favourite films'."

The guidelines were leaked two months ago, but have subsequently disappeared from public view. Do you think that job applicants with sociopathic or paedophile tendencies might just be tempted to be somewhat untruthful?

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