Thursday, 1 October 2009

Stop the ID card con

Don't believe the Prime Minister and don't be a guinea pig, continue to fight against ID cards, see here.

Brown misled Conference on ID cards by saying that:

‘We will reduce the information British citizens have to give for the new biometric passport to no more than that required for today’s passport. And so conference, I can say to you today, in the next Parliament there will be no compulsory ID cards for British citizens.’

NO2ID points out that ministers have repeatedly denied the ID scheme is compulsory throughout the last five years. Instead it has been designed to force people to volunteer for a system they cannot leave.

Brown is also contradicting the plans published by the Identity and Passport Service to build a biographical database that will be shared between the passport and identity schemes, and integrated with the DWP’s systems.

His statement also contradicts the raft of regulations defining the information to be held and the masses more information involved in the application process, set out in regulations passed earlier this summer.

‘Mr Brown is a Lewis Carroll character: he imagines ‘What I tell you three times is true.' But even if it repetition makes it easier for ministers to delude themselves, this is the same misleading line as before. Whatever he says about a card, the plan remains the same: to treat the entire population like dangerous sex offenders and keep us all on a Home Office database for life.’

Guy Herbert, General Secretary of NO2ID

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