Saturday, 31 October 2009


Big Brother Watch brings our attention to advances in EU ID projects. The BioP@ss project is to make chip card technology even more secure and easier to use so that, for instance, EU citizens can draw on the services of governments and public authorities by using their ID card on the Internet. Potential services include registering a change of address, registering a vehicle, filing a tax return (eGovernment), casting a vote in elections (eVoting)!

The Conservatives say they will scrap ID cards and we have certain opt outs but e-government is well advanced in the UK and there will be a lot to unravel. As Big Brother Watch says:

From one nightmare scenario - the DNA, fingerprints, vital statistics and personal details of the entire British population available at the click of a button to the government, police, local and other authorities - we now see on the horizon a far more scary prospect: that very same data available at the click of a button to any state official across the entirety of Europe.

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