Tuesday, 29 September 2009

ID card creep

Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling was shocked to be asked for identification under anti-terror laws at Prestwick airport. He has demanded an explanation from Scotland’s police chief and said he was worried that people travelling on domestic flights now face what are virtually border controls. He said that there were posters displaying the 2000 Terrorism Act and a police officer asking everyone for ID, as well as their passports. Creating border controls for people travelling throughout the UK was certainly not what was intended when the Act was introduced.’

Under 'terrorism legislation' passengers will be required to show photo ID when booking tickets for domestic air and sea journeys, this includes ferries to the Scottish islands and private jet passengers. Personal data, including name, date of birth and home address, will be typed into a computer record for the police by the booking clerk or travel agent.

In order to encourage you to obtain an ID card so you can travel with ease within your own country and enthuse you about having your fingerprints on a database the Home Office have a jolly campaign, one advert for which features a cartoon fingerprint unveiling the identity card to an admiring audience of other fingerprints. This propaganda is expected to cost £544,000 between September and December.

Manchester NO2ID is organising protests regarding the roll out of ID cards in the North West on the 10th and 17th October.You can help warn the public of the consequences of obtaining an ID card and being on the NIR for life.

Cartoon by Matt Buck.

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