Monday, 7 September 2009

Coventry NO2ID

The Birmingham NO2ID group ventured out of its home territory again recently. Normally on street campaigning is done in Birmingham city centre, but we have also been to the city suburbs and to Redditch, this event was reported on this blog on November 5th 2008.

Our first visit to Coventry was reported here on November 29th 2008 and last month we paid our second visit to Coventry. We linked up with Claire Boylan, coordinator of the Coventry group, and her team and spent all of a Saturday at a site chosen by Claire in a shopping precinct.

Street campaigns have a number of basic elements; leafleting, collecting signatures and answering enquiries from the public. There was a shift system to deal with all this and as usual it was, once people came out to shop, quite busy. The weather was kind and it all went well.

As usual the public were keen to show their anger and mistrust of this scheme and offer their support. However, all groups could do with more practical help, so if you are a Coventry resident, or live close by and visit the city for shopping and would like to help please contact this blog and we will pass you onto Claire who will be pleased to see you.

Remember Coventry as the city of Lady Godiva has a history of protest, now it's your turn! Contact Claire at

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