Thursday, 6 August 2009


The Daily Mail has an excellent article detailing how an ID card can be cloned and its the details changed. The falsified card was accepted by passport checking software.

The Home Office response was:

'We are satisfied the personal data on the chip cannot be changed or modified and there is no evidence this has happened. The identity card includes a number of design and security features that are extremely difficult to replicate. We remain confident that the identity card is one of the most secure of its kind, fully meeting rigorous international standards.'

In contrast, Ian Angell, professor of information systems at the London School of Economics, commenting on the Mail's investigation, said:

'This has put a huge nail in the coffin of the National Identity Scheme. The Government can no longer say ID cards will protect us from identity theft. You have proved that they won't.'

To help us get out of this recession the Bank of England is engaged in Quantitative Easing. Opponents of this QE scheme suggest it produces nothing of real value and is mere manipulation. They also say it is akin to 'printing money', inferring that it's not 'the real thing' and therefore fake.

The government are convinced that ID cards can help us have a better society. However, a fake ID card can be produced in just minutes. This is fake security, a falsehood, how does this help anyone?

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