Thursday, 27 August 2009

Healthy database to help sick one get better?

Criminal records bureau (CRB) checks are proving to be spectacularly inaccurate - in the year ending in March 2009, there were 1,570 identity errors.

The Register has learnt that proposals to use ID cards are being quietly developed alongside official "research" into how to incorporate fingerprint data into employment background checks.

Phil Booth, national coordinator of NO2ID, said that:

"This is entirely consistent with the various forms of coercion strategy they've been working on to create artificial 'volunteers' for ID cards. Biometrics are part of them wanting clean, unique identifiers. It's patently ridiculous given they want people to give their fingerprints in high street shops."

The CRB will soon be under more pressure to process checks. It expects a large increase in disclosure requests when the new Vetting and Barring Scheme (VBS) comes into force from October. The VBS will mean everyone who has working or voluntary contact with children or "vulnerable people" - estimated at 11.3 million - must be centrally registered.

Expect more 'mistakes' and the cry that if only we had ID cards all would be well.

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