Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Pupil power

Henry Porter blogs about Essex schoolchildren walking out of school on the grounds that their civil liberties were being breached. The story comes from the local newspaper the Waltham Forest Guardian. It tells us that:

PUPILS walked out of classrooms in protest against Big Brother-styled CCTV cameras recording their lessons.

They were so angry with the installation of the equipment at Davenant Foundation School in Chester Road, Loughton, they refused to return until they received assurances it had been turned off.

It meant they missed three weeks of studies and led to the drafting of a petition signed by about 150 of their peers.

And when they did return to the classroom they all wore masks to continue their protest.

Good for them. We may assume they are also angry about their details being put on the huge ContactPoint database without their permission.

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