Thursday, 18 June 2009

ID card contract delayed

The Register tells us that:

The Home Office confirmed yesterday it is delaying awarding the key contract for the national ID card project - actually making the cards for UK citizens.

Fujitsu, IBM and Thales were all in the running to make the cards. But this contract will not now be awarded until autumn 2010 - after the general election, which at the moment is the Tories' to lose.

The timing is slightly suspicious - shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling yesterday wrote to all five suppliers warning them not to sign their lives away on a project the Tories have promised to scrap. Could it be that the suppliers told the Home Office they didn't want to sign anything just yet?

However, it is salutary to remember that Mr Grayling has pledged to honour two super-size contracts to procure a biometric identity database for the vast majority of UK citizens who possess a passport.

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