Thursday, 2 July 2009

Congratulations Sheffield City Council

Yorkshire NO2ID tells us that Sheffield City Council has passed a strongly worded motion opposing ID cards and the Database State. The motion highlights the Manchester trials confirming that Sheffield will not take part in any trials of the scheme:

The Council notes with deep concern that Manchester has agreed to pilot ID Cards as part of the process to impose compulsory ID Cards on the rest of the UK”

Henry Porter writing on his Guardian Blog has highlighted the Motion using it as an example of a “Little Green Shoot of Liberty”. NO2ID were present at the Council meeting and the Sheffield group is celebrating this victory in the fight against the Database State.

The motion was highly critical of Schemes such as Club Scan that has been introduced as a Licensing condition in some London Boroughs....

ensure that systems such as ‘ClubScan’ are not made a requirement for licensing of city venues;”

...and also the use of biometric fingerprinting in School, which is something one of our sister campaigns ‘Leave Them Kids Alone’ have been vocal in opposing:

reject the use of biometric fingerprinting in schools;”

Wouldn't it be good if Birmingham City Council followed this example?

ps Ironically the MP for Sheffield, Brightside is David Blunkett, nicknamed Big Blunkett in reference to Orwell's Big Brother for his sterling work in support of ID cards, RIPA etc. He has also worked for Entrust, a security company involved in this sphere of work.

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